Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Swivelscript Hangout

I was interviewed last week by Frank Girard of Product Reporter magazine.

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Friday, 8 June 2012

SaaS' Dirty Secret

Integration across SaaS providers and on-premise applications is a challenge. Analysts across the internet have been talking about this for a while, warning customers not to fall into the same traps again.

"SaaS is actually a bigger challenge for integration and information management than the old ERP challenge, but most companies are entering it with the same wild-eyed wonder that companies entered the ERP/CRM decade of the 90s"
Steve Jones, Capgemini
"While most SaaS applications are sold on the promise that their integration with on-premise and other SaaS applications will be an easy process, organisations often find that integration projects turn into complex and messy affairs."
Saurabh Sharma, Ovum
"And make no mistake, the lack of SaaS and on-premise integration is creating a mess"
Loraine Lawson, IT Business Edge

SaaS providers can really set themselves apart from the competition by providing an easy way to integrate their product with on-premise applications. Swivelscript for OEMs is just that.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Get the edge over your Cloud BPM competition

Analysts agree that of the SaaS applications for the Enterprise, BPM is a good fit and is seeing adoption beyond many other SaaS products that are being launched.

BPM is becoming one of the most popular areas in which to deploy cloud solutions to improve the business processes within organizations.

Jeff Kaplan, ThinkStrategies

If you're a Cloud BPM vendor, this is music to your ears. With the market gaining momentum, it is also getting more and more crowded. Standing out from this crowd will be key for you, and we believe that by embedding Swivelscript, you will leave your competition in the dust. Your Cloud BPM product will benefit from a:

  1. reduced 'Time to Value' of initial implementations by reducing the amount of up-front "plumbing" work
  2. increased 'Agility' of implemented solutions by decoupling from the main release schedule
  3. fewer 'Barriers to Entry' by enabling the integration of cloud applications with on-premise OSS and BSS.

But there is more! Swivelscript will become your product's new USP.

Swivelscript will not only saves you time during your roll-outs but it will add a USP to your solution. Your client will benefit from the same advantages as you do. In other words, Swivelscript capabilities are delivered to you and the end-user of your solution. So your customers will receive embedded features which:

  • remove 'copy & paste' operations
  • increase time for customers
  • reduce errors
  • provide clear data visibility

Not to mention that all of these benefits can be enjoyed by your clients with NO server update and NO staff re-training. Check the Simply Business Case Study to see what the end-users have to say.

If you are an Cloud BPM vendor looking for an edge over your ever increasing competition, contact us now.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Finally, here we go: Swivelscript for OEMs

After a solid one-year production use at a contact centre in UK, Swivelscript has proven it has reached a level of maturity where we feel it is ready to enrich 3rd party products. This means that we are now approaching companies who will benefit from embedding Swivelscript.

As you all know, Swivelscript is a lightweight integration product which can be configured and implemented within days to automate time-consuming ‘copy & paste’ operations between applications/windows, regardless of the underlying technology. In a nutshell, it cuts costs (time & error) by cutting keystrokes.

This means that the OEMs' products can be quickly integrated with the existing applications on the user's desktop, which in return will dramatically shorten the initial rollouts and the overall sales cycle.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of embedding Swivelscript are therefore threefold:

  1. it reduces the 'Time to Value' of initial implementations by reducing the amount of up-front "plumbing" work
  2. it increases the 'Agility' of implemented solutions by decoupling from the main release schedule
  3. it removes 'Barriers to Entry' by enabling integration of cloud applications with on-premise OSS and BSS

The OEMs that we consider will benefit greatly from embedding Swivelscript are the following:

Unified DesktopCRMCloud BPM

Our Innovation, Your Advantage

It is an exciting time as automating information transfer in order to cut cost will become, no doubt, more mainstream and at present there is no solution on the market that like Swivelscript:

  • can be implemented within days
  • can bridge web & desktop applications
  • is configured and deployed using only Javascript
  • runs inside the browser

If you are an OEM looking for an effortless solution to cut cost and time, contact us and we will get you ahead of the competition.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Swift Successful Improvements

No Change Here

Businesses aiming to increase their operational efficiency and respond quicker to changing business conditions and requirements, often feel themselves unable to make the necessary changes in the IT landscape to quickly address these requirements. More often than not this is due to the fact that a big part of the OSS and BSS applications are 3rd party, so these cannot be changed to fit with new, urgent, and business specific requirements.

An Example

To demonstrate this, let's look at an activity that uses nothing but 3rd party applications: online shopping. Most people will have been on a bargain hunt on Ebay, and have found the process of finding, comparing, researching, tracking the desired items extremely tedious:

  • search and browse around in Ebay
  • find an item of interest
  • look up the item on e.g. Amazon , to see what the customer reviews say, what the current new price, to see more pictures
  • make a note of the URL , price and auction end-date
  • Lather, rinse, repeat

if only you could string these applications together and support your activity at hand ...

Swivelscript to the Rescue

This process is a prime example of the type of repeated manual process that occurs in business operations across the world, and is exactly what Swivelscript can fix. The following video shows how Swivelscript can turn Ebay, Amazon and Excel into process aware applications, assisting the user in the task at hand by automating as much as possible.

If your business is using 3rd party OSS and BSS applications and you are looking for a quick and easy way to improve the efficiency and agility of your business contact us and let us demonstrate how Swivelscript can help.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Social Media Strategy

Most businesses are currently figuring out their Social Media strategy, for obvious reasons, and a key part of this process is testing different approaches. These approaches often require the cooperation of the IT department to integrate e.g. your CRM or ticketing system with relevant internet channels. These integrations often take a long time to be rolled out, which drastically slows down the crystallisation of the strategy.

With Swivelscript, these integration can be done superficially, within days, enabling the business to experiment while figuring out the final strategy. This not only will save you a lot of money and frustration, but will also result in a more mature Social Media Strategy.

Social Media Strategy is a key differentiator for any business, so you better make sure your strategy works! Contact us to learn how Swivelscript could help you.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

LinkedIn Unlocked

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for marketeers, enabling them to create lists of people they want to contact using the powerful search features. Unfortunately these lists only live inside LinkedIn, and getting this data out of LinkedIn is a laborious task, making it difficult to share and enrich this data. With Swivelscript, these restrictions are now lifted.

Business Benefits

Being able to create new lists in seconds, means your marketeers:

  • spend more time getting the message out
  • spend less time building lists of target contacts
  • easily try out different messaging on new segments, something that before was unheard of due to the prohibitive cost of creating these lists.

With more and more data locked inside online services like LinkedIn you can rely on Swivelscript to unlock this data, enabling you to use it in a way that works best for you. Contact us to learn what Swivelscript could do for your organization.