Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Introducing Swivelscript

Swivelscript is an innovative technology that makes it possible to write rich desktop automations in Javascript, directly in your browser. These automations are not just about driving your desktop, but also about enabling your browser to react to user activity and desktop events.

This first Swivelscript release is a 'Salesforce' version and thus shows an integration of Salesforce and Swivelscript:

The product features are as follows:

Supported Desktop applications
  • any Windows - XP/Vista/7 application

Supported Application events
  • activation and deactivation
  • focus & blur
Supported Automation types
  • task switching
  • copy & paste
  • keyboard and mouse

We are currently working around the clock to get the Swivelscript for Salesforce version released, via the Salesforce AppExchange, for early 2011. If you are interested in trialling the beta, send us an email via beta@swivelscript.com.

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