Monday, 4 April 2011

Magical ROI

Here is a bit of background behind the ROI calculator, we have just added to our website. In fact, this blog explains why the number of applications is not a parameter of the calculator.

Minimum Minable Value

Given an average contact center we are confident that we can take out at least 30 seconds per call. This could be by reducing in- or cross- application operations, prompting the user what to do next, writing wrap up notes, etc. Most likely, you will be able to extract multiples of 30 seconds from the agent's operations.

As a result, the Minimum Minable Value (MMV) of 30 seconds per call per agent is not dependent on the number of applications used. If you consider this fact, you will understand just how much minable value there is in your contact center.

In a further post we will explain how the number of applications does influence the Total Minable Value.

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