Thursday, 22 March 2012

5 Cash Saving Tips for your Contact Center

Here's a recap of our Twitter campaign: #cashoftheday. In this campaign we presented 5 examples showing how Swivelscript could help you to save money in your contact center. These examples range from license saving opportunities to AHT and training reductions.

  • $60/user/month on Salesforce licensing, by relying on Swivelscript to integrate Salesforce with your Enterprise Applications
  • $2.- on each call wrap, by using Swivelscript to automate note taking during the call and final wrap up after it
  • $160k/manual lookup/per year, by automating repetitive lookups with Swivelscript.
  • $1.-/call transfer, by using Swivelscript to automate the task of call context transfer and recreation between desktops
  • $1000s on training, by using Swivelscript to provide "on-the-desktop" coaching

This presentation provides more detail about how Swivelscript achieves these saving.Contact us today to see how much Swivelscript could be saving you!

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