Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Salesforce Integration on a Budget

Salesforce is not just an excellent CRM application, but it also has a great API that can be used to retrieve data from and update data in Salesforce, this is the Web Services API. It opens up powerful integration capabilities, enabling you to integrate your enterprise applications with Salesforce. It only has one real weakness: it requires all your users to run the Enterprise Edition of Sales Cloud or Service Cloud at twice the price of the Professional Edition!


With Swivelscript, there is a more cost effective way of gaining these integration capabilities, and you only pay for what you use! For only $10 / user / month, you can add the following capabilities to those users that require it:

  • CTI integration
  • Data integration
  • Enterprise Analytics

So next time your Salesforce license is up for renewal think about the actual needs of your users, and think what you could do with the money that Swivelscript would be saving you.


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