Wednesday, 25 April 2012


One only has to look at Capita to see that call center outsourcing is a popular way to reduce the cost of running a contact center, and to make this cost more predictable. The outsourcer can apply the economies of scale to minimize the operational overheads and pass these benefits on to the client.

With competition in this market getting heavier, the outsourcers are looking for new ways to achieve the ever tightening SLAs. Although a lot can be achieved with training, workforce management, and IVRs, at some point it makes more sense to improve the IT systems to achieve these SLAs.

Here though, outsourcers often run into the problem that they are not able to make changes to the IT systems. These systems are still under the control of their client, and as a result the outsourcers have their hands tied behind their backs, being forced to improve SLAs without being allowed to touch the IT landscape.

With Swivelscript, the outsourcers are finally able to improve the IT landscape without making changes to the underlying applications. Using this approach, they are able to quickly deploy process improvements, on the desktop, targeted at specific SLAs, without being slowed down by requirement backlogs and slow release cycles of the underlying applications.

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