Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Get the edge over your Cloud BPM competition

Analysts agree that of the SaaS applications for the Enterprise, BPM is a good fit and is seeing adoption beyond many other SaaS products that are being launched.

BPM is becoming one of the most popular areas in which to deploy cloud solutions to improve the business processes within organizations.

Jeff Kaplan, ThinkStrategies

If you're a Cloud BPM vendor, this is music to your ears. With the market gaining momentum, it is also getting more and more crowded. Standing out from this crowd will be key for you, and we believe that by embedding Swivelscript, you will leave your competition in the dust. Your Cloud BPM product will benefit from a:

  1. reduced 'Time to Value' of initial implementations by reducing the amount of up-front "plumbing" work
  2. increased 'Agility' of implemented solutions by decoupling from the main release schedule
  3. fewer 'Barriers to Entry' by enabling the integration of cloud applications with on-premise OSS and BSS.

But there is more! Swivelscript will become your product's new USP.

Swivelscript will not only saves you time during your roll-outs but it will add a USP to your solution. Your client will benefit from the same advantages as you do. In other words, Swivelscript capabilities are delivered to you and the end-user of your solution. So your customers will receive embedded features which:

  • remove 'copy & paste' operations
  • increase time for customers
  • reduce errors
  • provide clear data visibility

Not to mention that all of these benefits can be enjoyed by your clients with NO server update and NO staff re-training. Check the Simply Business Case Study to see what the end-users have to say.

If you are an Cloud BPM vendor looking for an edge over your ever increasing competition, contact us now.


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